Trinseo is a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber. Our materials are intrinsic to products you use every day — such as cars, appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices, carpet, footwear, and tires. Founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Dow Chemical, today we have sales of more than $4 billion and approximately 2,200 employees globally.

We are now embarking on our next chapter of growth for the future, through a program called the T2020 Program. And we need to hire talented people like you to drive this growth.

Since our formation in 2010, Trinseo has relied on Dow Chemical for many of our services, systems and processes. Relying on Dow for these past seven years has served us well, reducing start-up risks and allowing the company to focus on key business activities in a cost-effective way. Leveraging services from Dow has allowed Trinseo to grow quickly, act nimbly, and achieve an IPO in 2014 (NYSE: TSE) to become the leader it is today.

As we continue to mature as an independent company, we have the unique opportunity to design work processes and services that are Trinseo-specific, meeting our long-term needs for flexibility and future growth. With the T2020 Program, we will design and build these processes and systems, and we will ultimately transform our company for our next phase of growth through the year 2020 and beyond.

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Welcome to the T2020 Program

Trinseo Senior Vice President of Human Resources Alice Heezen would like to welcome you to the T2020 Program Career Center with a virtual introduction in the video below. This brief overview includes background on the Company’s proud history, distinct culture, and sustained growth which has led to the need for the T2020 Program:


Our Shared Vision & Values

Hear from Trinseo’s CEO & President, Frank Bozich, about his perspective about Trinseo’s company values, our commitment to Responsible Care®, T2020 Program, Trinseo’s future, why someone like you should consider Trinseo and more: